Russian Banya Bath in NYC

A conventional Russian sauna, or banya, is ordinarily a wooden structure including a few rooms – a section room, wash room and steam room. The passage room fills in as a social affair place with a table and seats for resting and getting a charge out of chilly brew and bites between outings into the steam room.

Going back to the medieval times Banya will loosen up your skin, improve flow, wipe out poisons, improve the immune system, and activate your sweat glands.

Banya temperatures regularly will surpass 93 degrees Celsius (199 °F) and unique felt caps are commonly worn to shield the head from this extraordinary warmth. A few customers like to sit on a little tangle brought into the banya to shield uncovered skin from the dry, hot wood of the inside seats.

Russian & Turkish Baths

The Russian & Turkish Baths offers several treatments including massages, salt and mud treatments, and the world-reknowned platza. It’s a stress free zone designed to let you chill out and get some peace of mind. So just kick off your shoes and take-off your clothes and we’ll give you a robe, some slippers and all the towels you want. You’ll be in for a new old world pleasure of being totally relaxed and spanking clean.

268 E 10th St, New York, NY 10009, USA
phone: +1 212-674-9250

Wall Street Bath & Spa

In today’s stressful & sometimes toxic environment, The Wall Street Bath & Spa offers the unique combination of an ultra-modern facility and all the comforts and atmosphere of an Old World BathHouse. We are a club for both Men and Women. We offer a comprehensive menu of services for the relaxation connoisseur. With your daily admission, you gain entry to the Spa and unlimited use of the facilities. We provide you with personal slippers, and as many towels as you might need!

88 Fulton St, New York, NY 10038, USA
phone: +1 212-766-8600

Russian Bath on Neck Road

The banya is said to have many health benefits. Excessive heat stimulates sweating, thus removing unwanted materials from the blood and improving the work of the kidneys. Sweating releases excess water and salt from the body and opens the skin pores, cleaning it and making it softer and fresher. The process helps rid the muscles of excess lactic acid which reliefs muscle fatigue and soreness. Come to our Russian Bath House located in Brooklyn NY and see how great you can feel once you experience the Banya.

1200 Gravesend Neck Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11229, USA
phone: +1 718-332-1676

Mermaid Spa

Mermaid Spa located in the Sea Gate area of Brooklyn has a reputation for being the best Russian baths in New York. Besides three Russian steam rooms, this bathhouse has a scorching dry sauna, a Turkish bath, two tile pools that are machine-fed with chopped ice and a circular Jacuzzi inside a lodge-like wooden hall. The entire facility is finished with wood and slate. Owners Zina and Boris Kotlyar, Joseph Feldsherov say they wanted to create an environment that was similar to an old style banya in Russia. “Marble is so cold, wood helps you feel warmer.” The great quality of steam also helps to feel warmer. Mermaid Spa also offers Russian platza with soap or venik – a leafy bundle of birch or oak twigs.

Monday – Friday: 8:00ам – 9:00pm.
Saturday – Sunday: 7:00ам – 10:00pm.

3703 Mermaid Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11224
Phone: (347) 462-2166, Free parking

Russian Bath & Spa

59-21 Calloway St, Corona, NY 11368, USA
phone: +1 718-699-1919

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